Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can I Have A Little Sugar, Uncle Huckadoodle?

When I heard Mike Huckledoodle's speech with "Uncle Sugar" in it, I laughed myself stupid.  Really?  "Uncle Sugar"  I was waiting for someone to pat me on my head and grab my ass.  That is when my one of my good research friend's, Urban Dictionary, comes in handy.  I know that people in the South are familiar with this term, but to my Southern California suburban ears, it was a total "WTF" moment.

So, according to Urban Dictionary, "Uncle Sugar" is a colloquialism for Uncle Sam, except Uncle Sam is wearing a fly suit and a plumed hat.  I hear so many blowing this comment off, chalking it up to Huckledoodle being "colorful".  Not only is it racist, it's misogynistic (you don't seem nearly the number of madam's as you do pimps) and classist.  And, frankly, it's just fucking arrogant, ignorant and flat out mean.  Especially for a married man with at least one daughter.  I have always said that either growing up in a household of more than one woman or being married teaches you pretty much all you need to know about the female reproductive system.  Add in having kids and you get a PhD.  The only one who gets a pass is Rush Limbaugh.  His wives are rumored to never live in his house and he doesn't have sisters.  Plus, his house has decor that Liberace would go gaga over.  When a man lives in that much gilt and it's by choice......just sayin'.

Anyway, men who have had even a familiar relationship with females know that the use of birth control is NOT about libido.  Unlike men, we have a CYCLE.  So, hormone based birth control pills are about controlling the HORMONES. Remember "that time of the month" that most men seem to dread?  That's the END of the cycle.  If you need me to take you back to ninth grade biology, I can.  But, Mike Huckadoodle is supposedly college edjamukated.  Though, he's not a real preacher, as doofus only managed one year of Seminary before the haunting call of televangelism money dragged him away from actually learning about the religion he professes his love and understanding for.  Don't I remember something in Matthew about camels and needles and the chances of rich men getting into the Kingdom????  I think Huckadoodle dropped out before they taught that chapter.

What is even more offensive than Huckadoodle (because, let's face it, the bar is set to the ground for him) is Carly Fiorina.  Granted, Ms. "I Ran Hewlett-Packard Into The Ground, Hand Me My Golden Parachute" also has a very low bar set for her.  But the fact that she is a member of the XX Chromosome Club, you would THINK she would be a wee bit more honest about birth control and ACA.  But, nooooooo!  Her appearance on "Real Time With Bill Maher" (her appearances always leads to excessive expletives being shouted by me at the television and eye rolling by my husband) led to her making the old false analogy  that women would be getting birth control for "free" under ACA.  Unless they are living in poverty (which is when you WANT to give women free birth control!), women are PAYING for their insurance premiums through private health insurance companies.  As part of the policy, that insurance companies and the government agreed upon, birth control is part of the premium.  Just like annual physicals, vaccinations, cancer screenings (including prostate cancer), blood pressure screenings and a host of other wellness preventative care for different age groups.  It's MEDICAL COVERAGE. Not "slut coverage".  Now private insurance carriers should stop covering ED meds! (Medicare already has, to the sigh of relief of many a woman over the age of sixty-five)  THAT is purely for sex!  And ED meds are much more expensive than birth control, costing, per pill, as much as a full cycle of birth control pills.

But, back to Carly......she is another "born on third" gal.  Daddy was a law professor at Cornell and Stanford Law (which, strangely, Ms Carly went to Stanford......wonder if her dad had something to do with that?), Duke Law (where he was Dean) and then was a Deputy Attorney General with the DOJ, then he was appointed by Nixon to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (very powerful position).  Mother was an artist.  Carly went to a chi-chi private school in London, the Channing School and pricey universities (yes, plural).  She got into UCLA but "was bored" studying law and only did it because daddy was a judge.  So, she bounced around until she landed at AT&T.  She started out as an entry level managerial trainee.  By 1985, she was a VP.  The same year, she was also married VP, Frank Fiorina.  Coinkidink??  When she was at AT&T, she went to U of Maryland to get her MBA (that I am sure AT&T paid for) and then went to MIT for a year on their Sloan Fellowship for an MS in Management.  Her undergrad degree?  Philosophy major, Medieval History minor at Stanford (where her daddy had been a department head).  Aren't the Right Wingers making fun of those "soft degrees"?  Because I notice that a whole lot of them have similar degrees.  Mostly history majors.

Plus, Ms. Carly was famous for her comment about how "rich" California pensions are (whines the woman with two golden parachutes)  and her diss on Barbara Boxer's hairstyle.  Meow.

And then, we have that pillar of idiocy, Rand Paul, declaring that the Republican "war on women" is just another hysterical delusion us crazy females have thunk up.  Because HIS female relatives are doing so well!  One is even going to STANFORD VETERINARY SCHOOL!  Well, geez!  I really must have been have hormonal delusions if RAND PAUL'S FAMILY MEMBER is going to STANFORD!  And the wimmen folks in his family are doing just great, thank you very much!  But, wait......Rand Paul is yet another "born on third" guy.  His daddy was a doctor and then a Congressman.  I am sure his family in Kentucky aren't living in shacks and digging in coal mines.  I am sure income inequality doesn't really bother the women in his family too much.  Though, frankly, I would still be pissed.

All kidding aside, my point is that THIS is how out of touch these folks are.  Huckadoodle isn't REALLY going to run for president.  This is just to bolster the price of his book contracts and speaking engagements.  Plus, his radio contract was dropped by Cumulus, so I am sure he is trying to angle a contract out of Clear Channel (good luck with THAT!  They already pay too much for the talent they have!)  Plus, he will want to negotiate his contract with Fox.  So, the whole, "presidential run" gives him more cred in negotiations.  It's all about the money. He doesn't give a damn about anything or anybody else.  Especially not about his country. Yet, this spreading of misinformation about women and using offensive terms like "Uncle Sugar", which is just another Right-Wing dog whistle for calling women slutty takers, is playing havoc on our society.  All to line his pockets.  How very Christian of Huckadoodle.

With Carly Fiorina, she's has such bad TOS (touch of shit.....everything she touches turns to shit) that she had to buy a titles just to keep some skin in the game.  She has bought her way onto a lot of boards and is now CEO of Carly Fiorina Enterprises (I wonder if she has another golden parachute there?)  She is a talking head on Fox (wow, what an honor!) and Newsmax named her "One of the Most Influential Women in the GOP". (yeah, she's one of their Sugar Mamas!)  She keeps trying to turn that stench of failure into Chanel No. 5.  It hasn't worked.  When she was on McCain's presidential team, she managed to fuck that up.  In the Star Trek universe (yes, I'm a geek, live with it), it's the old, "DON'T LET DEANNA DRIVE THE SHIP!"  (Google Star Trek TNG, dont let deanna drive.....you'll get the reference then)  The woman is an IDIOT.  Yet, because she rolls in money from utter failure, she is a king maker.  The woman has never gone without, had a true hardship (embarrassment from being an idiot in business is not a hardship) or had to really work for anything.  Even with breast cancer......she had the best doctors, the best facility and the best treatment money could buy.  Yet, she begrudges even a dime towards anyone else for health care.

I would try to explain Rand Paul......but I just can't.  The man is just another greedy bastard who will mouth anything to keep his base drooling and his donors happy.  He has no principles.  Anyone who studied Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand diligently is a complete lost cause.  No morals, no scruples and no soul.  Yet, he helps make laws, has helped hold our government hostage and represents one of the poorest states in our nation.  Again, I will never understand how people will vote against their own best interest.  Rand Paul and his father would sell out their mothers if it would make them a decent profit.  And Rand has sold out Kentucky repeatedly.  And doesn't it make you wonder about how a DOCTOR can subscribe to the Libertarian belief system?  I sure wouldn't want to be his patient.

Again, it's just another line in the book of, "Why are we screwing ourselves by letting these rich idiots call the shots?"

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