Saturday, February 1, 2014

When You Buy Girl Scout Cookies, A Conservative Cries

And, it’s the yearly histrionics over those most evil of confections…….GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  And it’s not Jillian Michaels making all the noise.  Nope, it’s the Right-Wing Crazies!  They have again called for a “Cookie-cott” of Girl Scout cookies because they supposedly teach horrible, feminist things and won’t pledge their allegiance to the Right-Wingers and all they hold Holy.  This year’s scream-fest is over a Tweet about a poll that included evil, evil women like Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius and that most evil of all feminists, Wendy Davis (aka “Abortion Barbie”). 

I am a veteran Cookie Mom.  I was a Troop Leader for four years for my daughter’s troop.  We started as Daisies and ended as Juniors.  I have done my fair share of cookie sales and, only recently, have I been able to look at the little buggers.  I have had a zillion boxes in my garage, have done booth sales, have picked up box after box at the “cookie cupboard” (where your council sets up a temporary cookie warehouse) and have become sick of the sight of colorful boxes with smiling girls on them. 

So, as a GS Mom and former troop leader, I am here to tell you, GSA does NOT promote anything remotely controversial.  Most of us Leaders are hard pressed enough to find entertaining things for a bunch of little girls to do once a week!  I always have to laugh when I read the hyperbole that comes from the imaginations of the Right-Wing about GSA.  From the way they talk, us Troop Leaders were having round-table discussion about abortion while serving biscotti and lattes and not making friendship bracelets while serving cookies and juice boxes.  Trust me, the average Girl Scout is SO not interested in abortion, Wendy Davis or anything else that adults obsess about.  They want to spend that two hours making a craft, eating a snack and trying to earn badges. 

Another thing that the Right-Wing loonies get wrong is about where the money goes.  I did the finances for cookie money.  WE got about twenty percent.  And we planned on how we used that money, as a Troop.  It was usually something extremely fun because those tykes worked HARD for the money, honey!  We would plan a camp out or a trip or something along those lines.  I love how Right-Wingers have to lie to get people to boycott by telling them that a large portion of cookie money goes to GSA National.  I am here to tell you, as a someone from the trenches…..BULLSHIT!!!!!!!   It does NOT HAPPEN.  We only had to pay for our cookies….profit goes to the Council and the Troops.  All LOCAL.   Yes, GSA National DOES earn seven percent on LICENSING.  Bastard people!  How dare they want to keep the lights on and pay salaries! 

Honestly, what this boils down to is that GSA, unlike Boy Scouts of America, refuses to get into bed with the Right-Wing.  So, because of it, they declared war and have been going after GSA for years now.  Because GSA refuses to discriminate, get religious or basically let the adult bullshit mess things up for the kids, like BSA did, the Right-Wing lunatics have been deviling GSA and trying to smear them.  That’s how screwed up the Right-Wing is…..they are more concerned about their dogma than about little girls having fun and learning about cooperation. They already damaged BSA to the point of having lawsuits and ill feelings.  Now they want to destroy GSA.  They just aren't happy unless everyone is miserable.

So, please……buy Girl Scout cookies.  Help the girls out by expanding your waistlines.  Plus, really…..what would you rather do?  Listen to the lunatic Right or each Thin Mints?

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