Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why Do We Doubt Victims?

I am sure that by now, everyone has already read Dylan Farrow’s open letter to Woody Allen.  I am sure that it was very difficult for her to write but I can understand why she needed to do it.  While people are damning her and her mother in a misguided effort to protect Woody Allen, I think people who believe Dylan Farrow (I won’t post her current name) need to speak up louder, to drown out the Woody Allen sycophants.  To this day, I will never understand how people can so easily defend men who molest and rape little girls.  They fete men like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski……like Dylan Farrow asks, what if it had been your daughter?

The worst part of all of this is the way the Woody Allen suckasses discount Dylan’s story, claiming it’s a figment of Mia Farrow’s mind.  When you do the actual research, nowhere do you find anything indicating that Mia Farrow is off her rocker or a vengeful woman.  When you hear stories like that, they inevitably come back to Woody Allen and his camp.  There is no proof that Mia Farrow did anything wrong.  Unlike Woody Allen.  In a very in depth article for Vanity Fair, Maureen Orth writes about the whole case.  There is some pretty damning evidence that has resurfaced.  Like the fact that the team of experts from Yale that was brought in had their own agenda…..working for Woody Allen.  According to court documents, many on the team worked for him.  That Woody Allen and his legal team hired private investigators that were going after the Connecticut State Attorney’s office.  It’s hard to believe that all this has been forgotten just by Woody Allen calling Mia Farrow a harpie.  It’s diminishes Dylan’s feelings by emphasizing that her memories are nothing but her mother’s words and that everything she feels are not only not real, they are hurting Woody Allen.  How do you think that makes her feel?

There is just so much more screaming evidence.  It wasn't Mia Farrow who first sought sole custody.  It was Woody Allen.  When the facts about his incestuous affair with Soon-Yi and the his actions with Dylan came out, it was his first shot across the bow.  Woody Allen was the one who made this public, it seems, according to court records and news accounts of the day.  The fact that the judge, the state’s attorney of Connecticut and the Manhattan Department of Children’s Services did not believe Woody Allen screams bigger volumes than Mia Farrow being a jealous lover, which, in itself, is REALLY a sick explanation.  Yes, Mia is just loaded to bear with jealousy over a man who seduced her barely legal teenage daughter and molested her prepubescent daughter.  It just shows the chutzpah that man has.  That, in of itself, is just disturbing but goes to the root of Woody Allen’s issues.  He can never take any responsibility for his actions.  He just foists it onto Mia Farrow and blames her.  Never mind that your two children hate your guts, as do the rest of the children and Andre Previn.  It's that’s bitch’s fault.  She brainwashed them!  You have no culpability!  Everyone says so. 

That’s the other seriously disturbing part of this story.  Everyone claims that Dylan’s story is “Mia’s story”.  Never mind that no one, except those paid by Woody Allen, has ever said that Dylan was coached or has deviated from her story.  Every time you see the Woody Allen sycophants come flying  out, protecting their dear idol, it’s always the same, tired accusations.  Yet, when you dig farther than the surface, those accusation never pan out.  When it comes down to it, it’s not about Mia Farrow or Woody Allen……it’s about Dylan Farrow.  She’s the victim.  So, when people like Robert Weide keep claiming that Dylan’s story is “Mia’s story” and constantly pointing out that Mia’s relationship with Andre Previn and Frank Sinatra as supposedly being equitable to Woody Allen’s incestuous affair with Soon-Yi Previn, it belittles Dylan and the rest of the children of the family.  And, yes, I call Woody Allen’s affair with Soon-Yi Previn incestuous.  He was her mother’s lover.  She was barely legal when they started a sexual relationship (that we know of). He was in their home, in a position that was not as just a guest.  He took unbelievable advantage and has never shown an ounce of remorse.  I find that disturbing. His attitude is flip, self-serving and incredibly self-involved.  

 Bob Weide likes to make hay about the fact that the Farrow children’s nanny recanted.  Yes, considering that the nanny was paid by Woody Allen, I’m not surprised.  In cases like this, bribing is not uncommon, and everyone knew that Woody had far more money than Mia Farrow.  He also played writer’s hopscotch on his claims about the Yale team.  Even the judge on the case didn’t buy their conclusions.   The team never even interviewed Dylan.  The team never observed Woody Allen interacting with any of his children.  And, yes, Mr. Weide, it’s VERY suspicious for a team to destroy their notes.  That is part of the file.  What were they hiding?  Ask any shrink…..they will tell you that they do not destroy notes, especially in cases where they are ask to evaluate a child to see if she can withstand a trial and be able to testify.  Oh, and Bob Weide asks why Mia Farrow allowed this to happen on “her team”….it wasn't “Mia Farrow’s team”.  The state’s attorney asked the Yale team to do the evaluation.  And Woody Allen was never “cleared of charges”.  He was never charged.  The investigation was dropped.  Mr. Weide is playing a bit loose with the truth.    I also like how Bob Weide neglects to mention that not only did Satchel (now Ronin) fight against seeing his father, under supervised visitations, he became physically ill.  Ronin and Woody had long had a contentious relationship.  But Bob Weide never makes mention of that.  And Bob Weide makes no mention of the fact that Dylan’s file has disappeared from New York Department of Children’s Services and that is probably why he was able to adopt (that and his money).  That’s another disturbing fact.  Why did he and Soon-Yi adopt?  She was a healthy, much younger woman.  It’s just my opinion, but it screams of a preferential pedophile, who doesn’t like to molest biologicals and can justify his perversion by adopting.  Bob Weide likes to pretend he wrote a piece that was trying to look at both sides but he fail miserably. He even excuses the creepy way Woody Allen mailed a huge envelope of pictures to Dylan, with a different name on the return address but dismissing it, saying that one of his assistants last name was the name on the envelope.  Lame explanation, Mr. Weide. 

I want to make something clear…..I am not a “Mia supporter”.  I never care about the adults.  I support the kids when it comes to abuse.  And, when you hear about these types of cases, the kids always get ignored.  And, when it comes down to it, young women are rarely believed when it comes to sexual abuse.  And it’s incredibly sad because it’s just another way to tell women how little we matter.  We women need to stop accepting this as the norm.  We should not allow this to continue.   Whether it’s geeky directors like Woody Allen or R&B singers like R.Kelly, we need to start making law enforcement and society start taking women seriously about sexual assault.  We need to take that power that they hold over us and tell them, “IT’S NOT OKAY TO RAPE.”  Our bodies are not there for men to abuse.  And, when we allow these cases to go unpunished and keep allowing the abusers to be treated like heroes, we tell our young women, “Suck it up, baby.  Nothing’s gonna change.” I, for one, refuse to tell my daughter that.

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